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Club Affiliation

Join the clubs across Scotland.

What are the benefits of affiliation?

  • Liability Insurance for recognised club activities
  • Access to subsidised training courses and funding grants (where applicable)
  • Club details listed on the AFLS Website
  • Right to organise events (with permission) under the auspices of the AFLS
  • Certificate of Affiliation and Insurance
  • Support and professional advice from AFLS Staff
  • Discipline specific advice from volunteers serving on AFLS Committees
  • Advice and help with footy related queries via the AFLS Office
  • Help and advice on Child Protection and the processing of the relevant forms

How to Affiliate to the AFLS


Affiliation managed through an application form, please contact the AFLS office

If a club wishes to affiliate to the AFLS for the first time,

Requirements of affiliation

  • Have a constitution that fits with the AFLS’s aims (see below)
  • Have a suitable child protection policy in place and nominate a child protection officer (if there are members under 18 years old)
  • Complete the club registration and submit a full list of club members and maintain the list monthly.

Only when the above requirements have been met and the club has received formal confirmation via the AFLS office is affiliation complete. Affiliation is valid for 12 months.

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